Updating Your Membership Records or Help Form

Updated June 6, 2019

Each year every member is sent at least two mailings.

1. Your Dues Notice slip.

2. Your new Key Card after dues received.

Each year we get envelopes back without addresses. Our mailings are marked DO NOT FORWARD. If we do not get a new address from the Post Office and we do not have an e-mail address we cannot contact you. 

It is your responsibility to keep us current with address, phone number and e-mail address.  YOU must keep the Membership Secretary updated every time you move or change any information on your club records.  To update your information please click HERE This takes less than one minute to do this. Very simple form. We do not give out any e-mail addresses and very limited amount of e-mails are sent out yearly. 

If you go out of town during the winter fill out the form and let us know BEFORE DEC 1st.  If you don't your dues slip will be sent to your home and then returned because our mail is marked DO NOT FORWARD. You could lose your membership if dues are not received in time.

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