Annual Dues

Annual dues are due on January 1 

If not received at the club by February. 1 you membership will expire on January 31 unless you make a request in person or written to Board of Directors BEFORE FEBRUARY 1,  for a extension of payment and it has been approved.  In the past we have had members contact us in March asking if its too late to pay dues. If you wait until Februarys BOD meeting it will be too late.

Please be advised your dues are due on January 1 not February 1. Checks will not be deposited until after January 1 due to bookkeeping.  If you are concerned if we received your check go to your bank and see if check has been cashed.

Every year we get dues notices back with no forwarding address. At that point you will not get your dues notice slip and could be sitting yourself up for non membership.  It is your responsibility to keep us updated on address changes. Just go to the update form on this website it takes less than 30 sec to fill it out.  Click HERE for form.  Please update them as soon as you move so we don't have to send out extra mailings. If for some unknown reason you don't have your dues slip by Dec 15th fill out the form your address must be wrong or you would have received it by then.  Click HERE for form. 

When we send out the renewal slips I will post the date on the first page of this website each year so you know when you should look for yours. If you haven't received your renewal slip 10 days later Click HERE and update your information something is wrong with your address. 

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